Emergency and Pandemic Preparedness

灾难不会等待应对计划、预算分配和沟通策略. We can help you be ready.

A Planned Approach to the Unexpected

Emergency situations don’t wait for response plans, 在其影响产生之前制定预算分配和宣传战略, 州和联邦资源可能无法满足在危机中维持供应链所需的支持水平. When disaster strikes, 你想知道你已经准备好了可以快速启动的准备计划. That’s where Owens & Minor comes in.

Peace of mind comes with being prepared.

Partnering with Owens & Minor means you benefit from proactive, customized and actionable preparedness plans, 旨在提高您的响应能力,并消除不必要的成本和中断.

Customized, flexible planning
To implement plans best suited for your health system, that directly support your needs, budget, and capabilities, we work closely not only with you, but also with suppliers, industry associations, and state and federal agencies such as FEMA, DoD, and HHS to ensure the safety of patients.
Manufacturing across the Americas
由于我们在美洲各地生产一系列个人防护用品,我们的客户可以获得他们所需的关键澳门网上真人赌钱网用品. That means we can reliably deliver in 2 weeks to 30 days, 亚洲的供应链可能需要3个月甚至更长时间才能交货.
Strong supplier relationships for rapid response
和一个配送中心网络,服务超过4个,000 facilities nationwide, each with emergency action plans and protocols in place, so that we're always prepared for a rapid response

Pandemic Preparedness Library

This resource library contains a wide variety of tools, resources, 以及清单,以帮助任何医疗机构做好大流行的准备. Preparedness is not a time-limited activity, 而是一个持续的过程,必须得到该机构行政领导层的支持. 这些资源旨在作为任何准备需要的综合参考. With proper planning, 澳门网上真人赌钱网机构和提供者可以对未来病原体的威胁作出积极反应.

We're always ready, so you're always able

Owens & 迈诺强大的制造足迹和广泛的供应商网络有助于确保您的供应链在任何情况下都能顺利运行.

Americas-based Manufacturing
Provider Facilities Served
Branded Suppliers

How it Works

Disaster preparedness efforts are developed from a clear, three-phase approach that allows for a rapid, sound response for any emergency situation, with or without warning. Here is a three-phase approach for effective response

Establish Action Plans
Response and Delivery
Prevent Service Disruptions
Ongoing Review and Improvement

Build Reserves For Your Critical Supplies

Owens & Minor可以帮助你随时准备好照顾病人,即使面对库存需求的增加. Whether sourced by you or distributed by Owens & Minor, 当你最需要的时候,你可以方便地获得你的物资,而不必在当地储存它们.

Reliable Supply of your Inventory
通过整合来自多个供应商的库存来简化您的供应, purchased from Owens & Minor or systemwide bulk buys.
Visibility Across the Supply Chain
通过访问自定义报告和库存可用性和利用率的实时可见性,提高性能并减少浪费, including product expiration dates.
Focus on Supporting Clinicians and Patients
订购您的库存使用相同的采购订单和相同的流程,您使用购买澳门网上真人赌钱的传统分销产品 & Minor. 利用现有的运输计划来减少交付和改进接收流程.

Prioritizing Cybersecurity

Owens & Minor认识到网络安全在维持供应链弹性方面发挥着关键作用. 确保我们的客户在遭受恶意软件攻击时受到保护,澳门网上真人赌钱 & Minor具有备份的订购流程,可以在必要时临时实现. 这些流程允许客户继续下订单,而不管其IT系统的状态如何.

"Owens & Minor has kept us prepared for where the market is going. Product scarcity has consistently changed, 虽然他们一次又一次地帮助我们看到问题会在哪里出现. 你听说全国和世界各地的医院没有足够的供应,或者不得不不安全地保存. 由于做好了准备,我们没有出现这些供应链问题, proactive ordering, and planning, and a large part of our success is related to Owens & Minor."
- Prisma Health

Not a Matter of If, But When

新冠肺炎全球大流行给世界和行业带来了前所未有的挑战. 但它也加强了应急和大流行病防范的必要性. Owens & 麦诺在疫情开始时采取了重大行动来保护我们的队友, ensure continuity of supply, and uphold our commitment and ability to serve. 我们相信,我们强有力的规划可以帮助贵国的卫生系统.


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